You might not know this, but I love random trivia facts.  I refer to them as useless trivia because they rarely if ever come up in the flow of conversation. Regardless, I still drop these nuggets of knowledge when I need a subject change or simply want to start up a conversation.

The coolest thing is each of these trivia facts are TRUE and I share them on the air on My Country 95.5 each weekday morning at around 7:45 am.

Check out today's 5 random facts.

1 - "Wall Street" is the only movie that has ever won an Oscar and a Razzie.  Michael Douglas won the Oscar for Best Actor . . . and Daryl Hannah won the Razzie for Worst Supporting Actress.

2 - Lyndon Johnson is the only president that's ever visited American Samoa. He went there in 1966.

3 - Approximately 34% of the roads in the United States are unpaved.

4 - 33% of the chocolate in the world comes from cocoa beans from the Ivory Coast in Africa.

5 - Amazon was almost called Relentless, and still redirects to

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