Rodney Atkins shows what happens when you've never heard Lorde's worldwide hit 'Royals,' but sing it anyway, off the cuff. Turns out, the song could pass as full-blown country.

The singer demonstrated his ability to bring a melody to lyrics on paper, which in this case, were the lyrics to 'Royals.'

Electric Barnyard debuted this video yesterday (Jan. 30) of Atkins sitting with an acoustic guitar and a page of Lorde's lyrics in front of him as he gave his own very original spin on the song.

Not only did it not resemble the melody of the hit in the least, but with Atkins' Southern twang and croony vocals, the song sounded like a good ole' country tune, to say the least. He gave 'Royals' a slower pace and melancholy feel -- quite different from its original intent.

You have to admit, when you hear lyrics like "I've never seen a diamond in the flesh / I cut my teeth on wedding rings in the movies/ And I'm not proud of my address/ In a torn-up town / No postcode envy," it definitely sounds like the type of track that could belong on pop radio or country.

While Atkins' version of 'Royals' probably won't win any Grammys, we applaud him for giving it his country best!

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