Rodney Atkins is nothing if not deliberate — from the time he signed with Curb Records in 1997 to the release of his first album, ‘Honesty,’ in 2003, he spent six years making sure everything was just right with the music.

It’s an approach that’s paid off: his latest single, ‘Take a Back Road,’ is the fastest-rising of his career. And it’s also the title track of his next album, due October 4.

“I have put a lot of time into the recording of this album,” Atkins said. “[I] am excited to say I think it is progressive and representative of who and where I am today. We are thrilled with the reaction of ‘Take a Back Road.’”

‘Take a Back Road’ follows 2009′s ‘It’s America,’ which peaked at number three on the country charts and spun off the singles ‘Chasin’ Girls,’ ’15 Minutes,’ as well as the title track.

‘Take a Back Road’ Track Listing:

1 ‘Take a Back Road’

2. ‘He’s Mine’

3. ‘Family’

4. ‘The Corner’

5. ‘She’s a Girl’

6. ‘She’d Rather Fight’

7. ‘Feet’

8. ‘Cabin in the Woods’

9. ‘Just Wanna Rock N’ Roll’

10. ‘Growing Up Like That’

11. ‘Tips’

12. ‘Lifetime’

13. ‘Farmer’s Daughter’

[Taste of Country]