Colt Ford made a fan of Ronnie Dunn during a live show a few years ago. The country legend admits in this behind-the-scenes video that he quickly judged Ford, but after hearing his show, he understood. In fact, he joined him to sing the chorus of 'Mr. Goodtime' on the 'Ride Through the Country Revisited' album. 

"I remember cracking the window of the bus," Dunn says, "to see how the crowd reacted to it. I watched people connect with him. By the time the show was over he had them all in the palm of his hand."

Other behind-the-scenes shots show engineer Michael Zuehsow and Ford's live band cutting up in studio. Dunn is also shown singing his parts. He calls Ford an innovator and says he appreciates how he has the courage to rub against the grain. Other singers to appear on 'Ride Through the Country Revisited' include Joe Diffie, Jamey Johnson, Tim McGraw and Wynonna Judd.

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