You can't accuse rising country star Scotty McCreery of not being a good sport.

The 21-year-old singer was in Buffalo, N.Y. recently to perform at radio station WYRK's acoustic show, and he dropped by the studio for a fun game. On-air talent Rob Banks and Liz Mantel asked McCreery to take the WYRK accent challenge, and he obliged, reading a few lines of text in various accents to hilarious effect.

First up was a Mexican accent, and McCreery didn't get past, "Hello, Buffalo" before all three exploded into laughter. He fared a little better with an Irish accent, getting through a couple of lines, but when he launched his Australian accent with, "Hello, Buffalo, it's Keith Urban here," Banks and Mantel once again burst out laughing.

McCreery's English accent wasn't all that much different, except he added a couple of spare "bloodys" into the sentence, while even the singer himself had to admit that his attempt at a Buffalo accent sounded more like his own North Carolina inflection -- though he saved it by saying, "Go Bills!" at the end.

McCreery's latest single is 'Feelin' It.'

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