Scotty McCreery is as American as apple pie and cheeseburgers. He did, after all, win Season 10 of 'American Idol.'

The singer decided to celebrate America's 237th birthday with thousands of fans, as he brought his new single 'See You Tonight' to the PBS special, 'A Capitol 4th,' which aired on the Fourth of July. McCreery glided across the stage, performing with the Capitol building looming large in background.

While the singer was decked out in jeans, an orange shirt and white button-down (as opposed to any sort of over-the-top patriotic attire), the crowd certainly made up for it, as the camera panned to plenty of Americans celebrating mightily and heartily in their stars and stripes. Judging from the crowd's reaction and participation, they were enjoying every note that McCreery sang.

In a way, it was beyond fitting for McCreery to perform at this event, because he is an American country music treasure and he is living the American dream. He is a country hitmaker as well as a college student, and is living proof that if you work hard and pursue your dreams to the fullest, you can obtain them.

American indeed!