You can't stop the growth! Casper keeps expanding and we've seen more and more big city vendors/companies set up shop in the last few years, some in the last few months (Best Buy, Pizza Ranch, 5 Guys & Qboda are already open and Buffalo Wild Wings & Dick's Sporting Goods opening very soon).

Our newest addition, located in the Eastridge Mall, where previously the Galilean Christian Book Store was located, now houses Spencer's, with it's grand opening being today. Spencer's offers rock and roll clothing, custom t-shirts, band merchandise, Playboy decor and apparel, sex toys, traditional and newer gag gifts, room decor, collectable figures, fantasy and horror items. It also offers a large selection of fashion and body jewelry. Spencer's is one of the largest mall-based specialty gift store chains in North America with over 600 stores nationwide.

Everything new that comes to town excites me to no end! Why, you ask? Because the more selections we have to choose from, the less likely I am to see someone wearing the exact same shirt as me on the exact same day I wear it! Can you say fashion no-no? Plus, I'm glad I now have a reason to go to "that side" of the mall, which was reserved for the bi-monthly sports fitted-hat purchase or the dreaded last minute DJ equipment cord purchase from Radio Shack. Thank you Spencer's. Just what I needed... something else to keep me broke.

DJ Nyke, Townsquare Media