Travel site said nice things about Wyoming brews, but in, “All 50 States Ranked By Their Beer,” we’re only at #34. That was updated yesterday. Colorado, however, is now second only to Oregon.

According to Thrillist, Jackson's Snake River and Melvin “might be” our best breweries. They do also say the Cowboy State is partially responsible for bringing back the jug-sized container known as the growler, specifically citing Victor’s Grand Teton. This came as news to me. I might have guessed growlers were a thing mostly at off-campus locations in Laramie.

The good news is that Wyoming is next to the second best craft beers in the country. As Thrillist also referenced, “There is a reason” that people go to Denver from all over the world once a year.

It's just that we think there’s a reason Wyoming won four gold medals last year at that Great American Beer Festival.