Fox News Anchor Makes Baby Cry
You might remember Titus, the free-throw wunderkind whose awesome talent sparked a viral video earlier this year. If not, here you go! Now that we've provided some context for this awesome toddler, let's watch a Fox News anchor make him cry.
Golden Eagle Snatches Baby [VIDEO]
In a video that hit YouTube yesterday, a Golden eagle is being recorded flying around a city park in Montreal, Canada. The eagle is shown dropping out of the sky and picking up a small child that is playing a few feet from his mother. There is some discussion about the video and whether it is real o…
Pet Of The Week – 06/04/2012
We are excited to showcase another adoptable animal in our on-going weekly feature.These pets are available from local our rescues and shelters here in Casper, Wyoming. This week's "Pet of The Week" comes to us from the wonderful people at Pound Puppies.
Laughing Baby And Dog Will Make Your Day [VIDEO]
Yes, its a Monday and the short work week means that most folks have to try and squeeze 5 days of work in to 3.  That can cause a lot of stress as we try to prepare for the upcoming holiday weekend.  This video will help alleviate that stress with laughter!!

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