‘Man of Steel 2′ Almost Cast Josh Brolin as Batman
While everyone is still debating whether or not Ben Affleck will make a good Batman in Zack Snyder's 'Man of Steel 2,' which will feature a "Batman vs. Superman" element, we can tell you who was almost cast: Josh Brolin, who confirms that he was considered for the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman in the upcoming sequel. Obviously, it didn't work out, but Brolin doesn't have any hard feelings a
Ben Affleck To Replace Christian Bale In New Batman/Superman Crossover Movie [POLL]
Comic book fanatics (like myself) and Batman enthusiast the world over are now in a collective uproar over the latest news: Ben Affleck will replace Christian Bale as Batman in the upcoming, still untitled 2015 Zack Snyder crossover. So far it hasn't been stated whether or not this will be a sequel to Man of Steel (we all hope not) or stand-a-lone crossover of the Supes and Bats...
Find Out How Much It Costs to Be Batman
‘The Dark Knight Rises,’ the final installment in the Christopher Nolan/Christian Bale Batman trilogy, took in a whopping $160 million over the weekend. (This despite news that the tragic movie theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado would affect the box office tally.) Watching the movie, you were probably wondering how much millionaire Bruce Wayne pays for his wonderful toys like his flying Bat plan
Batman Does the Weather at Local News Station
Gotham City is usually dark and cloudy with a chance of crime, but you wouldn’t guess Batman has the time to do the weather report amidst all that. But viewers of Fox5 in Maryland and DC got quite the surprise when The Dark Knight himself popped on screen to deliver an important message: the daily temperatures!
Christian Bale Hangs Up His Cape After His Final ‘Batman’ Movie
Christian Bale, the brooding star of all three ‘Batman’ movies in director Christopher Nolan’s trilogy, has turned in his keys to the Batmobile. Shooting on the latest film, ‘The Dark Knight Rises,’ recently wrapped, and Bale said, “t’s all done. Everything’s finished. It’s me and Chris – that will be the end of that Batman era.”
‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Trailer Leaks Online [VIDEO]
A teaser for Christopher Nolan's Batman threequel 'The Dark Knight Rises' is expected to play before 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2' on Friday, but that hasn't stopped the internet from leaking it a few days early. The footage below is admittedly poor quality, so it's hard to pinpoint what exactly is going on. But from we can tell, we do get a few glimpses of Commissioner Gordon (Ga