IMPACT 307 Hosting Webinar August 25
IMPACT 307 will be hosting “Intellectual Property Considerations for Startups,” a new “Lunch and Learn” series webinar event on Wednesday, August 25, from noon-1 pm. Antoinette Tease, a registered patent attorney in Montana, will present the webinar. To register for the...
Natrona County Businesses Adapting to COVID Surge
“This is an incredibly difficult position that business owners are in right now because it’s not just about making money. You’ve also got payroll; you’ve got people that are depending on that income; it’s a really difficult position to be in.”
How Far Will Your Company Go to Change Your Behavior on the Clock?
You probably already know about existing employee monitoring software that can capture your keystrokes or screenshots or track which websites you visit while on the clock — but a new patent idea from Microsoft would take workplace surveillance one step further with software that can actually analyze human behavior.