Laramie Named As One Of The Best College Towns
Graduation is right around the corner for all of our high schoolers in Casper and most of them have already decided where they'll be attending college in the fall. If you haven't made a choice yet, this list may sway you to stay in the cowboy state.
The Perfect Gift Ideas For Graduates In Wyoming
Graduation for both high school and college are right around the corner. If you're anything like me, gift giving has never been your forte and it can be even harder when you've got to set aside and extremely cheap budget for the 5-10 family members and friends who are graduating.
Trisha’s First Born Son Is Off To College Today
My oldest son Bridger is starting college today, my husband and I drove him down to Laramie to help him get settled in his dorm last Friday. We had fun, went to the Craig Morgan Concert & Pep Rally and the UW game on Saturday.  Bridger came home with us though, because as many of you know, bow s…
Which College Is the Best for Military Veterans?
A recent survey conducted by Military Times Edge ranks which colleges are best for military veterans.
Most of the schools making the list were public, including 51 of the 59 highest ranking four-year schools. The top five four-year schools included Concord University, taking the number one spot, Ea…
Most Students Not Ready For College (VIDEO)
According to a new study, most students are not ready for college.
Researchers took a look at kids graduating from high schools in the state of Michigan and found that in half of those schools -- fewer than 10 percent of the graduates were prepared for higher education.