Do You Have Any Of These Old Wyoming Collectibles?
Over the holiday break, I was hanging out with my dad in his man cave when we started going through some very old collectibles of his. That got me thinking, what kind of Wyoming themed collection items could be roaming the internet these days. Could they actually be worth anything?
Man Auctions His Unpaid Parking Ticket Off on eBay
What is it with people who are trying to get others to clean up their mess?
First, there's the woman who is asking the internet to pay her daughter's medical bills after a viral video where she tried to jump off a roof into a pool went horribly wrong. Now comes this brazen fella in Britain.
Is Nicolas Cage Really A Vampire – Photographic Evidence
Halloween is still 6 weeks away, but the stories of the macabre and rumors of vampires and werewolves have already begun. An eBay auction of what appears to be a very old photograph of a current famous person has the online world buzzing.  Could this photo really be one of Nicolas Cage?