Beautiful Illuminated Sculptures Light Up England [PHOTOS]
Imagining walking through a park, looking up and seeing an illuminated person floating above you. Or seeing a glowing deer grazing in the distance. A world populated with these creatures would be like a fantasy world or a dream. Now, thanks to the work of artist Cedric Le Borgne, it&CloseCurlyQ…
English Cliff Crumbles Into Ocean [VIDEO]
The coastal region of southwest England has been battered by storms lately and this stunning video captures its more drastic effects when the entire face of a cliff in Cornwall crumbles into the sea.
Check it out below:
Talking Jesus With Patient Gets Doctor in Trouble
A doctor in Margate, England is under investigation for advising a patient to get a little faith, which apparently is a no-no in the British Isles.
Richard Scott, who has practiced medicine for 28 years, just happens to be a Christian.  He is being investigated  after he informed a 24-year …