Million Dollar Hole In One Raises Over $6K [PHOTOS]
Every year, the Foss Motors Presented Million Dollar Hole In One raises money for all sorts of different causes. People from all over town come out to try their hand at sinking a hole in one and walking away with a cool "mil." This week long event saw much excitement, but the most …
Jason Aldean Performs At Cheyenne Frontier Days [PHOTOS]
The highlight of the Wyoming Summer, for years, has been the Cheyenne Frontier days. People from all over the country fly, drive, walk, and hop to Cheyenne to catch some of the hottest Rock and Country acts in the world. This year was no exception, as Kid Rock, Toby Keith, Motley Crue, Charlie Danie…
Fans At Central Wyoming PRCA Rodeo [PHOTOS]
It would be easy, one would imagine, to focus more on the "fair" portion of the Central Wyoming Fair and Rodeo, and less on the "rodeo." It would be easy...except for the fact that every year, the PRCA rodeo kicks some heavy duty booty!
Casper Turns Out for Parade Day 2011 [PHOTOS]
The highlight of Summer for many citizens of Casper is Parade Day. Parade Day is an excuse to get off of work, get outside, spend some quality time with one's family and let the kids eat as much candy as they can get their hands on.
Opening Day at the Central Wyoming Fair and Rodeo [PHOTOS]
How do you know when Summer has begun? Is it the heat? Is it when baseball season starts heating up? Is it when your Grandmother makes her famous bowl of potato salad? Well, in Casper, one surefire way to know that Summer is here is when the Central Wyoming Fair and Rodeo comes to town!
Fans Gather At CNFR Championship Finals [PHOTOS]
If you were to ask someone from Wyoming what the best part about living in this state was, you'd get a plethora of answers, but the answer you would hear more often than not is "the rodeo!" There are very few events that take place in Wyoming that really draw people together like the rodeo…
4 Funny Sports Fan Freak-Outs (VIDEOS)
An overjoyed Nets nut shaking with delight, a tantrum-throwing Clemson booster, a shirtless reveler celebrating a 'Bama win. Even if you're not the biggest sports fan, these videos of fans freaking out will make you crack a smile at the very least.