Two Little Girls Explain the 'Worst Haircut Ever' [VIDEO]
If you've got kids of any age, you've probably been through a situation similar to what Public Radio reporter Jeff Cohen's two little girls (Sadie, 5, and Eva, 3) recently put him through.  It's no surprise that when Sadie decided to give Eva a homemade haircut, things …
I Let My Son Cut My Hair – What Will You Do For Your Kids?
I have have an autistic 4-year-old son who, like many children, hates getting haircuts. If there was an Octopus Wrestling Federation, I'd be the world champion by how I have to wrap my arms around him to hold him still every time we cut his hair. If he sees how painless and fun getting a haircut is,…
Getting Ahead In The Game (VIDEO)
YouTube Heads up New York!  The UK Daily Mail Online is reporting that one of your own has just invented something that the military, swimmers, wrestlers, but probably not football players(given current trends) might immediately embrace...a helmet that can shave you bald in 20 seconds!