Laramie Athlete Featured on MTV's 'Catfish' [VIDEO]
MTV's TV show 'Catfish' follows up with, and helps to provide answers to, couples who have relationships online and have never actually met. This episode follows the story of Jaylin who lives in Ohio and is supposedly in a relationship with Ja'la who lives in Laramie, Wyoming.
MTV Looking For 18-24 Year Old Women For New Show [VIDEO]
A show that has been popular in the U.K. for the last three years is looking to make a splash on this side of the pond. MTV is teaming up with Gogglebox Entertainment to cast young women for the show Plain Jane. The producers are looking for girls who would like a confidence boost, the opportunity t…
Plea to Jersey Shore Cast Has Reverse Effect
Please take notice.  This is the first time (and hopefully the last) that I have ever seen fit to mention the show, Jersey Shore.  That being said, I think this story is kind of interesting--and at My Country we're all about "kind of."
Apparently it's a problem that the cast of the hit MTV …
Keith Urban, Lady Antebellum, And Others Sing For Japan
As most of you already know, Japan continues to suffer from one of the worst natural, environmental, and nuclear disasters in history.  In light of these catastrophic events, some of your favorite country musicians have lent their voices to a new benefit album, Songs For Japan.