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Is That Mistletoe? [VIDEO]
It was a wild one in Casper last night.  That thunderstorm, with its powerful winds caused power poles to fall, as well as trees.  I believe it also caused this...unless someone at the station has really good aim and/or an interesting sense of humor, both of which I refuse to believe.
The JaneDear Girls Perform At The Beacon (PHOTOS)
Young up-and-coming band The JaneDear Girls performed in front of a sellout crowd at The Beacon in Casper on Saturday. The girls rocked fiddles, mandolins, guitars, and even harmonicas while encouraging the crown to get up close and personal and dance with them in front of the stage...
You’ve Named Our “Cutest Couple”
And we have a winner!  Say "hello," and "congratulations" to "Couple #5!"  This photo was submitted by Colton Dinnel, and as you can see it's the perfect representation of a My Country "Cutest Couple."