Wyoming’s Smallest Towns Are Crazy Tiny…Even For Wyoming
Everyone knows that Wyoming is the least populated state in the United States. However, even with that as a known fact, it's tough to even fathom just how small the smallest towns in Wyoming really are. The latest census data has been released and you won't believe just how tiny they really are.
U.S. Census Bureau Releases Wyoming City/Town Population
The population data in Wyoming for 2019 has been released for cities and towns. Cheyenne's population grew by 0.6 percent while the state had an overall 0.2 percent increase, which comes after three consecutive years of state population decline.
National Geographic Explains How We Got to Seven Billion People [VIDEO]
Recently, the world welcomed its seven-billionth person. But what does it all mean? In a stylish video titled ‘World Population: A National Geographic Tour,’ the nature magazine stalwart puts things in perspective with tidbits about how many people are born and how many die every second of every day, the average human lifespan, and the growing popularity of “mega-cities.”

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