Close Calls Caught on Russian Dash Cams
If Russia has taught us anything in the past year, it's that we should all invest in a dash cam if we want to get our own traffic footage on the Internet. Most of the dash cam footage comes from Russia where it seems that most have dash cams.
They have these because of their high rate of acciden…
Meteor Explodes Over Russia [VIDEO]
A meteor that exploded over injured over 900 people and damaged hundreds of buildings. Many of the injuries came from the glass that was blown out of buildings by the sonic blast as the meteor went by.
Don Yeomans, meteor expert for NASA, told Space...
Dashboard Cam Caught Plane Crashing Into Road [VIDEO]
"in Russia, plane takes you!" Okay, so that wasn't very funny, nor did it make a lot of sense. What happened in this video is a plane crashed hard into the water (it looks like) and ends up crashing into the road. A driver happen to have a dashboard camera and caught most of i…

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