Science Zone

Teen Night At Casper Science Zone
It's always nice to live in a community where we have activities and places for our youth to go and hang out and get to know their peers outside of school. The Science Zone in Casper has always done a great job of hosting activities that do just that.
Science Zone To Open New Exhibit!
Don't miss out on the new exhibit opening at the Science Zone.  Roll Drop Bounce makes its way down to the Science Zone.  Come see this interactive exhibit featuring fun and exciting hands on activities!
Science Zone Announces New Director
The Science Zone announces the hire of our new Executive Director. Steven Schnell joins the staff downtown to lead the science center as it celebrates 10 years of
incorporation. Steven holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and
Information Systems from the University of Nevada, Reno. S…
Casper Science Zone Hatching New Arivials [VIDEO]
Now that spring is here in Wyoming, it seems as though new life is spouting up all over Casper.  Especially at the science zone, where they have baby chickens that are hatching as we speak.  Check out this live webcam and watch life emerge.