Do Casperites Sleep With A Fan Year Round? [POLL]
I know I can't be the only person in Casper that sleeps with an electric fan on year round. After deliberating with my cohorts here at station, I found out our online guru Ian Delap does as well. But after seeing some of my semi-close Facebook buddies posting about this subject over the last few days, it prompted me to find out what the majority of the city thinks.
5 Tips To Get Newborns On A Set Sleeping Schedule
Having 4 children (ages 11 to newborn), means there are a lot of sleepless nights. Whereas I love my kids, a night with no sleep, especially when you have to work the next day, means at some point, you need... scratch that, HAVE to get a plan together...
Do You Go To Work In Your Sleep? [POLL]
Work can be stressful.  The other day I was doing my normal routine, as usual, and things started going wrong.  Mistakes were being made, problems were piling up all around me, and I was doing my best to keep up.  The day was dragging on and it was starting to really stress me out, then i woke up.  I was at home in my bed.  PHEW!  It was all dream!  I was relieved until I realized that I had to ge
Girls Just Want To Have… More Sleep
If you could have an extra 15 minutes added to each day, what would you do with it?  According to a new survey, women would reach for the snooze button if they were given an extra 15 minutes every day. Guys would reach for...

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