Smokefree Natrona County

Anti-Smoking Group Begins Fundraiser to Defray Legal Costs
Keep Casper Smoke Free has started an online crowdfunding campaign that aims to defray attorney’s fees in a suit the group plans to file against the city of Casper in district court later this year.
Keep Casper Smoke Free co-chair Kimberly Holloway says her group, which came up 61 signatures short of…
Casper Smoke Free Deadline
UPDATE 3:30 p.m. Wednesday: Per Smokefree Natrona County's Facebook page, over 2,850 signatures have been gathered.
UPDATE 8:10 p.m. Tuesday: Officials with Keep Casper Smoke Free, the referendum committee trying to overturn changes to the city of Casper’s controversial public sm…
Casper Smoke Free Vote Tuesday
Smoky bars, restaurants, bowling allies or other businesses that will soon be allowed to resume smoking could return within Casper's city limits. Unless those who wish to keep Casper smoke-free, can convince the Casper City Council not to change the ordinance. The consensus is that with an in…

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