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Wyoming’s Super Bowl Pick [Results]
Earlier this week we asked who Wyoming residents thought would win Super Bowl 50.
There are just 8 teams remaining in the NFL playoffs entering this weekend, and with nearly 200 voters in our poll... here are the results:

Denver Broncos 30%
Carolina Panthers 14%
Kansas City Chiefs 11%
Seattle Seahawks 10…
Casper’s Super Bowl Prediction Results
The results are in for our local Super Bowl XLVIII poll. Casper has spoken, but unfortunately, the masses were incorrect. It comes as no surprise (really) that our fair city would majorly be going for our neighboring states team. But it just wasn't in the cards for the Broncos.
The Best Super Bowl 2013 Memes
Last night's Super Bowl was certainly eventful. What with the power outage and the Beyonce's thighs, there were many jokes to be made. And joke the internet did. Some took to Twitter, others prefer more visual tactics. Here is their work. The best Super Bowl XLVII memes on the web.

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