Daytona 500 Rescheduled For 5pm Monday Afternoon [PHOTOS]
Like millions of NASCAR fans around the world, I spent Sunday trying to wait out the rain.  Watching rain soaked interviews, awkward banter between commentators and race officials in the hopes that the Great American Race would get the green flag.  But it was all for not.
5 Hilarious Examples of Kim Jong Il as a Pop Culture Icon [VIDEO]
North Korean leader Kim Jong-il may be dead from a heart attack at 69-years-old, but his certifiable status as a pop culture punchline lives on. The notoriously brutal dictator has often been the butt of jokes in movies and TV shows, including ‘Team America,’ ‘Saturday Night Live’ and ‘The Simpsons,’ just to name a few. We’ve gathered five of the funniest examples of Kim’s bizarre status as a pop
Goodbye Cable TV – The Future Starts Today
Having just completed moving into our house and starting to unpack the, what seems like a never ending pile of boxes, we realized we hadn't called to get cable or satellite TV hooked up. After a few discussions about what was really important in our entertainment viewing and after looking a few of our past bills from our cable company, we decided to ditch cable TV and try something progressive. R
Charlie Sheen Hints at Return to Two and a Half Men
After all the drama, headaches and "WINNING," is there a chance that Charlie Sheen will return to 'Two and a Half Men'? The answer may surprise you. According to the Chicago Tribune, the troubled actor, who is in the midst of his 'Violent Torpedo of Truth / Defeat Is Not an Option' tour, sat down with a local Boston radio station Tuesday night, during which he said there have been "
Local Reporter Almost Gets Run Over By Car and Five Other Correspondent Accidents (VIDEOS)
Ben Higgins, the sports director for San Diego's ABC affiliate, was in Tucson, Arizona on Thursday, where he covered San Diego State University's first ever NCAA tournament victory. But what made his report so memorable was the part when a SUV darn near ran him over as the cameras rolled. Luckily for Higgins, the vehicle stopped just in the nick of time. Since videos of television reporters actual
McCoy Brothers Back For Another “Amazing Race” Run (VIDEO)
Yee Haw!  Remember when professional bull rider, Cord McCoy and his brother, Jet, competed on CBS's The Amazing Race? They made for a really exciting team; easily completing challenges and winning people over all over the world, despite the cultural differences one might expect from a couple of "cowboys."  In fact they were in the season finale's "final three," and would eventu
“OWN” Shania!
Okay, that title may be a little misleading since she just tied the knot over the weekend, but I can still dream.