Tips For The Fishing Season
As the warmer weather approaches more and more people from both inside and outside Wyoming are taking advantage of the excellent fishing that is available in the Cowboy State.
Hibernating Rattlesnakes Exiting Their Dens [VIDEO]
With the hours of sunlight increasing and the temperatures starting to climb, the creatures that have hibernated over the winter are starting to stir, and that includes rattlesnakes.
Generally, rattlesnakes emerge from hibernation in Wyoming in April or May, or when the average daytime temperatures r…
Percentages Don’t Add Up [POLL]
Got a picture of this receipt from a friend of mine who dined at a local chain restaurant the other day. He noticed that the percentages listed for the tip didn't quite meet the totals shown.
It is awfully nice to have this close at hand for easy reference and as stated these are provided for yo…
NYC Restaurant Eliminates Tips for Servers
Have you ever gone to a restaurant and agonized over how much of a tip to leave? Well, an eatery in New York City has decided to save you the trouble by completely eliminating tips and paying staff salary plus benefits instead.
Office Party Tips
While the office holiday party can be a fun way to socialize with colleagues, it’s still a professional event. Here are eight tips for when you attend yours.