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Toby Keith Talks Gay Marriage, ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’ and Female Soldiers
Toby Keith has released some of the most proudly patriotic songs in modern country music, making him an easy target for those who prefer to think of country artists (and perhaps country fans) as belligerent or intolerant. The reality, of course, is more nuanced. The fact is that Keith is simply not shy about speaking his mind, as readers discovered when Keith was asked to share his thoughts on gay
Returning Soldier Surprises Young Son at School [VIDEO]
We admit it. These things make us misty. Army Specialist Matthew Peters of Owensville, Missouri spent a year deployed in Kuwait and Iraq, and hadn’t seen his young son, Blake, in more than six months. When he came home, he decided to pop in on the unsuspecting tyke at school for a hug the kid will probably never forget.