Wyoming Game & Fish Trapping Wolves And Grizzly Bears
PINEDALE, Wyo. (AP) — The Wyoming Game and Fish Department has begun trapping wolves and grizzly bears in western Wyoming.
The idea behind the trapping is to help monitor the wolves and bears.
The agency is trapping wolves this summer in the northern Wind River Mountains and Gros Ventre (groh-VA…
Teton County Hunters Quick to Nab Wolf Tags
Wildlife officials say hunters in Teton County have been fast to grab their wolf tags.
Jean Cole, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s license section manager, says it’s not surprising that sales for the state’s first legal wolf hunt are centered near…
Yellowstone Wolf Project Aids Researchers
Capturing a Yellowstone wolf is not an easy task. But for the past 15 winters, the Yellowstone Wolf Project staff has captured and fitted numerous wolves with tracking collars.
This year the Wolf Project team was able to capture and collar 19 wolves from nine of the ten packs in the park, and r…