In a city park in south Gillette, Fishing Lake is anything but right now, due to recent rains.

Seems the reservoir has had sediment building up for years and has been overflowing into the streets. It’ll be nice to get some depth back to Fishing Lake so it stays cooler that way, which is better for the fish and for our fishing!

Grey Reef is en fuego (on fire) but with the flow up, be careful if your wearing your waders. Maybe you could get out the drift boat.

Dry flies are putting some big fish in the creel at Twin Buttes. In fact, there are good reports coming out of the basin in general.

Pole Mountain fishing is getting better, especially for those using worms and Zug Bugs.

I would wait for a while before wasting time dropping a line in the Laramie River, where the levels are still dropping.

Good luck! It will get better after you listen to Andy Griffith singing this inspirational little number.