When Taylor Swift bought her $17 million dollar home in Rhode Island, she probably knew she'd have neighbors around. But what she likely didn't expect was to receive such a 'corn-y' welcome. 

In a neighborly act of kindness, Richard Manfredi, the owner of Manfredi Farms in Westerly, R.I., spelled out the words "Welcome Taylor" in an eight-acre corn maze. And as a nod to the pop-country superstar's musical abilities, he also carved out a guitar.

In order to accomplish this massive feat, Manfredi explains to ABC6 that the group carefully measured the rows, bent the corn stocks and slowly finished it with a mower. All his hard work paid off, as Manfredi admits he was "very pleased" with the outcome.

Most of all, the farmer just wants Swift to feel welcomed to the neighborhood and wants to be a good neighbor to her, which actually hasn't been the case with every island dweller. There have been reports that some of the residents haven't been happy with their now-limited access to the coast. Swift has also had at least one unwanted trespasser.

To have a corn maze in her honor probably means a lot to the 23-year-old songstress. In fact, we'd say that Manfredi is cream of the crop in Swift's new neighborhood!