Taylor Swift has a major gig coming up on her calendar. The 'Red' superstar will be playing at the Winter Whites Gala charity event to benefit the homeless on Nov. 26, where else but at the royal abode of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

While Swift is used to performing for packed stadiums, this is a special event with a much smaller crowd and a great cause behind it. Because she is playing for royals for the first time, the starlet will be sure to have her etiquette in order.

"I've been asking about that," Swift tells the BBC, speaking about how to behave around the monarchy members. "I think I'm really safe if I just shake hands and be polite."

That's a smart way to approach things. Swift is a class act, as host Brad Paisley pointed out at the 2013 CMA Awards, so it's unlikely she would behave in any sort of way that would raise royal eyebrows.

As for how she'll address the future king, Swift admits that she isn't sure that she'll even get some face time with him. "That's being presumptuous in that [it's] assuming I'll meet [him]," she says. "First, I'll just be polite enough to not assume I'm going to get to meet them."

Whether she meets Billy and Kate or not is immaterial. She is looking forward to the royal gig, which will also feature Bon Jovi and James Blunt.

"I'm really stoked," the singer shares of her impending performance. "This is the first thing I've performed at for any kind of royal engagement -- very, very honored."