Urban Dictionary defines a mustache as "representing the epitome of authority and raw manhood. Resting just above the upper lip, the mustache is a beacon to all mankind that there is hope for this world and a bright future for all who have been gifted with this treasure from God himself."

Over the years, Wyoming has seen its fair share of bitchin' staches. Here's our completely unofficial and totally subjective list of the raddest mustaches in the history of the Cowboy State.

Hulton Archive, Getty Images

1. Buffalo Bill Cody - One of Wyoming's most famous residents, Buffalo Bill's bitchin' stache personified the frontier spirit that's still alive in our state.

Amy Richards, Townsquare Media

2. Laramie County Sheriff Danny Glick - Sheriff Glick's legendary 'stache is a throwback to Wyoming's wild west roots.

Todd Warshaw, Allsport, Getty Images

3. Former University of Wyoming Football Coach Joe Tiller - Tiller only spent five seasons in Laramie, but his understated, working class stache epitomized his era at the helm of the Pokes football program.

American Heroes Channel, via YouTube.

4. Tom Horn - The Grim Reaper of the Rockies was one of the deadliest gunslingers in the west and his thick, manly mustache was even surlier than his infamous disposition.

Ezra Shaw, Getty Images

5. Brett Keisel - The native son of Greybull, Keisel's Wyoming whiskers became so popular during his NFL career that Pittsburgh Steelers fans referred to him as "The Beard"