If you've been watching America's Got Talent, you already know Northern Colorado's Mandy Harvey is special. Her journey is just as incredible.

Mandy graduated Longmont High School in 2006, and was one of 15 students accepted as vocal majors at Colorado State University. She had a sudden hearing loss, which began to escalate. Doctors eventually diagnosed her with a connective tissue disorder. In a short time, Mandy lost hearing in both ears and became completely deaf.

She left CSU for American Sign Language classes and Elementary Education at a Longmont community college.

A 2008 visit with her former CSU music professor, Cynthia Vaughn, revived her passion for music. Vaughn introduced Mandy to jazz pianist Mark Sloniker at Jay's Bistro in Fort Collins, where she became a fixture. In 2011, Mandy won VSA's International Young Soloist Award and in 2014 performed at Kennedy Center. Mandy tours as a jazz singer and is an ambassador for the nonprofit organization No Barriers.

On America's Got Talent, Simon Cowell communicated with Mandy via an interpreter about the deafness. She wanted to quit but went on.  Her song “Try” brought the house down, leaving many in tears. Now millions of fans nationwide hope Mandy keeps killin' 'em on the show.