Tim McGraw loves this time of year, but it's not just because of Thanksgiving and Christmas and all the cheer the season brings. It's because of football.

The 'Shotgun Rider' singer is on the road a lot these days, but whenever there's a free moment, he says you'll find him watching a gridiron game.

"I’m a football junkie, and certainly when football season is on I watch every game I can possibly watch," says McGraw, adding that even when he misses a game, he stays updated through sports television. "Now if I'm gonna watch anything about what happened in football that I missed, I’m certainly gonna have it on ESPN ... during football season, ESPN is on quite a bit."

And despite the fact that he and wife Faith Hill have three daughters, in the McGraw household, football is a family affair.

"[I watch] college, professional and even every Friday night high school game that we can when we’re at home," he says. "You know, our daughter’s a cheerleader, Maggie, she’s a cheerleader, so we try to make all the games. We rarely miss one, although I had to miss a few because I’m working."

With the insane success of McGraw's latest studio release 'Sundown Heaven Town,' he better get that DVR warmed up. The country crooner may have to miss a few more games this season!

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