On Halloween night, kids everywhere will be knocking on the doors of neighbors, adorned in cute (and scary) costumes, but Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's kin likely won't be among them -- and the country superstar admits he misses those days.

Although McGraw and Hill have three daughters, the youngest of whom will be 12 in December, they're past the days of trick-or-treating on Halloween.

"I think that last year, although she’s been hinting about it this year, Audrey our youngest, I think was our last trick-or-treating year," the singer tells Big Machine Label Group.

"I think that it’s got to the point now where they just like to go to a friend’s house, to a party or something, instead of going out trick-or-treating," he adds.

It's a bittersweet feeling for McGraw; he's relieved to forgo the mad scramble for costumes, but it's also a reminder that his little girls are truly growing up. “(It’s) sort of a relief to us because that’s a lot of work, getting ready to go out trick-or-treating," he says, adding, "But in another way you miss it because you know they’re growing up and you know that they’re moving on to other things.  But it’s still an important and fun season around our house.”

Although the 'Highway Don't Care' hitmaker won't be shuttling his daughters from house to house for candy, we're sure that the McGraw-Hill family has lots of sweet (literally and figuratively) Halloween memories. And maybe -- just maybe -- Audrey will decide she wants to have one more year of trick-or-treating. We know McGraw would gladly go along!