Toby Keith‘s music video for 'Drunk Americans' is nothing short of a dang good time -- even if it is in stop-motion animation.

Directed by Michael Salomon with animation by Ben Naff, 'Drunk Americans' perfectly captures the melting pot that is these United States, with a hodgepodge of characters floating in and out of the animated saloon, aptly called Toby's I Love This All-American Star Spangled Bar. A kitschy animation of Keith mans the bar while prom queens and strippers, preachers and kingpins, and most shockingly, Democrats and Republicans stream in to share a pint...or seven. After all, sings Keith, "In these neon lights, we’re all stars, we’re all stripes / And we’re all drunk Americans."

While the video's animation borders on creepy at a few points  -- like when we see an image of Keith's face plastered onto six characters -- the inclusive message behind the song speaks out loud and clear. In a country increasingly divided between political parties and favorite football teams, maybe what we need to get our unity back is a glass of beer, a star spangled flag and a good, old Toby Keith song.

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