Whoa!  It's the agony of de feet in South Carolina today, where calamity is afoot.  Please pardon the outdated puns.  I just read a sort of outlandish story about a teacher whose feet are in hot water for asking her first graders to rub them. 


Now I'm certainly not one to judge, but I would think in today's sensitive environment, one would certainly be a little more careful in one's reasoning.  Some people are just bound to get the wrong idea, as harmless as the act may sound.  We'll see what you think.

It all began harmlessly enough one sunny afternoon in Lexington, South Carolina.  That was before Brenda Norris got an earful from her six year old granddaughter who had just informed her that "she was tired of rubbing her teacher's feet."

Since the incident, a full investigation has been launched, "appropriate action has been taken and the situation has been rectified."  But has it?

"She admitted to the children rubbing her feet," said Norris. "Just the thought of it... They immediately sent her home, but she's back there today."

"'Do she take off her socks and shoes?'" Norris recounted asking. "'Grandma, she wears flip flops.'"
Flip flops!  I'm contributing to these teachers' higher-than-average salaries and they can't even where shoes?!!   That really stinks!

Norris refused to name the teacher, but said she would select students to massage her feet during class time. "My granddaughter has nightmares, she cries," said Norris. "She said 'I have three wishes, Grandma. One of them was not to go to school today.'"

You can read the whole article from WYFF Channel 4 in Greenville

Would you say she should be brought up on about ten counts?  I just don't know how the "my dogs were killing me" defense will go over in South Carolina this time around, but, speaking of dogs...