Wyoming may be the least populated state, but its rate of drinking establishments per-capita is something to be admired.

We found some of our favorite bar names and are counting down the funniest ones. Keep in mind, there's a lot of bars out there, so if we missed any good ones let us know!

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    The Bitch's Corner Bar


    Turns out, everyone at this Lingle establishment is actually very friendly and has a good sense of humor.

    The Bitch's Corner Bar
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    The Library


    At one point, perhaps multiple points, every University of Wyoming student has joked about "going to the library."

    The Library
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    The Handle Bar


    It's hard not to like a solid bar pun, and while this is a touristy spot, it cracks the top 5.

    Eamonn McCormack, Getty Images
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    Ralff's, pronounced Ralph's, is hopefully not foreshadowing what your night has in store for you.

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    Humphrey's Bar & Grill


    Name isn't super hilarious, but their shirts are. The "hump hard" and "been there humped that" shirts are also available for purchase.

    Humphrey's Bar & Grill