21 Day Fix –Day 1
August 18, 2014
As many of you know, I was very successful on the Ideal Protein Diet. So much so, that I lost over 65 pounds! I’m not proud to admit it, but slowly that weight has been creeping back on. I promised myself that I would not buy bigger clothes, so it’s time to do something about it now! So, I have decided to do the 21 day fix. I am going to share my experience with you from day to day during the entire duration of this adventure!
So, today is day one of my 21 Day Fix!! (I’ll tell you more about the program daily)
I was totally surprised at how tiny the containers are.

I thought “Oh no. I am going to be so hungry!” But after just one day on the plan, I truly am feeling full!

The main focus of the 21 Day Fix is portion control of healthy foods.
If these containers are the correct sizes of portions, I have been totally overeating.

The plan also comes with the workout videos…. I will workout every day for 21 days.
The first one was good but I had to do the modified version for some of it!
It’s amazing how quickly you can get out of shape when you don’t workout consistently.

I am also trying Shakeology for the first time. It’s not my favorite, but I think by experimenting with some recipes, I’ll be fine.

Here are some examples of what is considered a veggie and how much for the green container.

Each size container has a page of examples.

I will be able to replace a few things a few times for wine or sweets. YAY!!!!

It’s easy to figure out how many of each you need to have each day.
for my particular needs it’s the 5 red, 5 green, 3 purple, 4 yellow, 1 blue and 1 orange.

As with a lot of diets that are based on clean or healthy eating, you are encouraged to plan out your meals a week in advance to help you succeed.
I have found that when I do this, it is much easier to stay on track and I do a much better job of eating the right types of food. Working two jobs and chasing around my three boys makes this very challenging at times, but with the help of food logs, it makes planning all that much easier!

When I hunker down and use a food diary…. I immediately feel much better about myself and the food I’m eating.
I have planned ahead with groceries and now I know what I am eating and when
and this will help me avoid eating something based on how I am feeling that very moment. I can do this.

Some of you are probably great at meal planning…. you workout with passion… you are awesome at eating healthy foods in healthy portions. But I am not, I get off track and it sucks! But with a little help from the 21 Day Fix and some encouragement from my friends and family, I know I’ll be back on track in no time!
So this my next 21 days. Day one is almost done and I am not hungry. I’m actually feeling more full than I usually feel!   So that is one fear conquered! On to Day 2!