Over the past few months (since about November) I've really started to pack on the pounds. Stress, poor diet and lack of exercise have brought me to my highest weight and poorest physical shape I've ever been in my life.

With little changing in my life to correct this self perceived problem.  I caved in and bought larger clothes, with a promise to myself, "I will start a diet and exercise program and get back into shape".

Then today, brought some bad news for many of us who feel we are overweight or are battling weight related issues out there...

A 55-year study was conducted in England and it has discovered what most of us probably already knew.

"Once people gain weight, they almost never return to their original size".

According to the study of 12 million Brits who began diets every year, less than 10 percent succeed in losing significant amounts of weight. Even if they were successful in losing weight, most putting it back on within a year.

That has me wondering if I should even bother working out, trying to eat better and controlling stress levels.

What is being fit? A doctors would tell you... Blah, Blah, Blah... some medical mumbo-jumbo with "Healthy" statistics. But to me, being fit means being able to do all the things I want to do. Camping, Fishing, Playing Softball or Golf, Hunting, etc... and as long as my quality of life is where I want it to be, who cares if I put on a couple of extra pounds??

But, before I give up all hope and sink into a tub of my favorite ice cream and watch last nights episode the "Daily Show", the research study did find that dieting does have some benefits.

People who try to lose weight tend to eat better and exercise more, leading to increased fitness and lower blood pressure.

So, I'm not going to worry about the few extra pounds. Instead I'll just watch what I eat, maybe a little less bacon and junk food and continue with my usual activities and most of all ENJOY LIFE to the FULLEST and remember that:


Read the full article here - The Herald Sun

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