Two people were arrested early Wednesday morning when Casper police officers searched their motel room and allegedly found over a dozen pieces of drug paraphernalia.

Jay B. Gordon, 44, and Amanda I. Hale, 36, were each booked into jail on a recommended charge of felony methamphetamine possession. They will likely make their initial appearances in Natrona County Circuit Court on Wednesday.

According to an affidavit of probable cause, four officers went to the Ranch House Motel shortly after 2 a.m. to search one of the rooms. An officer had applied for and was granted a search warrant.

Gordon, Hale and a third person were inside the room when police arrived. The third person was allowed to leave.

The officers searched the room and allegedly found multiple used and clean syringes throughout the bedroom; a lightbulb that had been turned into a meth pipe; two large jeweler's bags with meth residue; a glass "tooter" with meth residue; a bent spoon with meth residue; a spoon with meth residue; a scale with meth residue; a yellow sandwich bag containing suspected spice; a clear sandwich bag containing suspected spice; a red marijuana pipe; a black stylus with residue; a cut straw with methamphetamine residue; and a purple stylus with meth residue.

Hale allegedly admitted that some of the syringes belonged to her and said she had last injected meth two days prior. She said the rest of the syringes belonged to Gordon.

Gordon declined to speak with officers. He and Hale were taken to the Natrona County Detention Center.

Hale's criminal history, as reflected in the affidavit, showed no drug possession convictions. She was, however, previously convicted of delivering a controlled substance.

Gordon previously faced a litany of charges in Ohio, police say. Those charges included drug possession in 2017; drug trafficking in 2005; marijuana trafficking in 2005; drug possession, possession of paraphernalia and drug trafficking in 2005; drug trafficking, drug possession and possession of paraphernalia in 2003; drug possession and paraphernalia possession in 2004; possession of paraphernalia in 2001; trafficking in drugs and drug paraphernalia in 2003; and marijuana possession as well as paraphernalia possession in 2001.

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