Ever been to a wedding and you see the bride turn into bridezilla?  Or maybe you see the future mothers n’ law a little bit on the snippy side.  Well in the case of this couple, it’s the pastor that takes the “wedding cake,” or even worse, the wedding, after snapping at the wedding photographer.

During the couples’ “I do’s,” the photographer was trying to get some good wedding shots for the couple to remember their special day.  Unfortunately, what they’ll remember is the pastor scolding the photographer for taking photos during the ceremony.  You can even see the couples’ faces a little stunned while the minister was giving it to the photographer.

What would you do if this were your special day?  Would this ruin the biggest day of your life?  Would you want to do it all over with a different pastor?  Would you say something to the pastor having his little rant during your big wedding day?