We’ve all been there – the breaking point when it’s time to unfriend someone on Facebook.

A new British survey of 820 Facebook users has shed some light on why people decide to end their Facebook friendships. The most common reason people give? Bragging. About 68% say they’ve decided to unfriend someone because they’ve had it with their boasting on the social media site.

The second-most common reason is being fed up with reading mushy romantic status updates. About 61% cited that as a reason for cutting ties with someone on Facebook.

Other popular reasons include too many updates, ‘annoying’ updates, ‘inappropriate photos,’ updates that are too personal, jealous of their vacations, dirty words and the fact they don’t actually see these so-called friends in real life.

One of the survey’s participants may have summed it best by saying, “I am so sick and tired of people trying to outdo each other on Facebook. Some people’s updates just scream, ‘Look at me!’ It’s like they are trying to convince themselves that their lives have meaning."

Amazingly, people posting updates about their political views was nowhere to be seen, which simply suggests the British use Facebook a whole lot differently than we do stateside.


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