Let’s face it, not to say all Wyomingites are cheap, but if it ain’t on sale, it’s not likely we buy. Okay maybe in Jackson that’s not true. If you love candy, and didn’t have to purchase by Feb. 14, now is the time.

To be blunt, there really are not any brick and mortar candy stores left these days in Wyoming. So where do you have the best luck for clearance candy?

Most of our clearance candy store finds are dot coms. Otherwise, try the big corporate outlets in the Cowboy State. There you can have pretty good luck. (I know someone will point out a great candy store still standing, but just know it's an exception to the new rule.) So the key word here is “online,” and there are great deals there.

If you get it by Friday the 17th, at amazon, a pack of 30 Hershey’s Cookie Layer Crunch Bars just dropped under $20. If you still love Hershey's Kisses, there's a bulk pack for just 10.

By the way, one price changed just while writing this, so if you click now they may be gone, or who knows, maybe discounted even lower.

At samsclub.com you can get a 36 pack of Skittles for just over $21. Try to find 36 individual 2.1 ounce packs without paying at least $36. Wal-Mart.com didn’t offer them in that large bulk.

And just hit this hot link for post-valentine candy of many kinds cheap. Different brands offer the cutesy kiddie valentines candy, to the Dove bar, to the Valentine assortments.

You're Welcome.