Wyoming is not #1 on the "Top 10 Cowboy States" list from TheTopTens.com. This just in: websites can be wrong.

As sure as Cheyenne Frontier Days, LeDoux and Longmire are quintessential Wyoming, Texas is not the #1 Cowboy State.

That's right, "Texas is full of cowboy culture," and "Big Tex" does wear a cowboy hat, but Wyoming is where to find real cowboys.

Other than that, all we can say is making Oklahoma third choice is fine, and the rest of their top ten are ... interesting, but if there had to be only one Cowboy State, come on, it ain't Texas.

Texas has a "Lone Star" on its license plate. What is on every Wyoming plate since 1935? Do we have to say it? Yes we'll say it anyway. That's a cowboy. Thank you, drive safely.