Another Countdown to Christmas has come and gone and there are still the same areas of the country that most watch Hallmark Channel movies. Wyoming is definitely one. Call it predictable. Country Living also calls it "cozy and charming."

If you love that romantic drivel over the holidays, it might make you smile to know the whole season is a big boom to Hallmark's business "in the age of Trump," says the Washington Post. A Business Insider breakdown shows each movie costs about $2 million to make - more like the average cost of one episode of a television series. Most are made in a month or even weeks.

The Wall Street Journal's interest was piqued and they found out things like most Hallmark movies are filmed around Vancouver, Canada because of tax incentives. Ironically, they're shot in the summer. We already knew the snowfall was fake across the backdrop of trucked-in winter, but we don't care, do we? There are familiar themes in scenes all through every holiday story. For instance, there must be holiday baking in warm kitchens.

What states watch the most every Christmas? Think red states. compared the movies tastes of those in liberal, blue states and the contrast was quite stark. It makes total sense and what is one of America's most red states? That would be Wyoming.

Happy New Year. And Hallmark Valentines is coming soon. Oh goody!