Years ago, only football geeks watched The NFL Draft. Now, however, I'm a geek. I can not wait until this April. I've been loving all the hype about #17 from Wyoming. Will you watch - if only to see who picks Josh? Give us your yes or no below.

Even until this year, I would switch the channel when a whole panel of "experts" on the draft started talking about the latest mocks. Now, I read every mock I can find because I want to know where the "experts" are "projecting" that Josh will go.

I've also learned, though, they're just that - projectings. Last week I heard more than one, uh, expert saying Allen will go #1. (And almost all of them give their picks as if they can't be wrong, while no one knows for sure.) This morning I saw another list that had only two quarterbacks going first round and Josh wasn't one. Don't let those drive you crazy. You know what I think? I suspect they just don't know Josh.

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