Careful - don't blink - because if you do you might just miss the men in orange WALKING ON TOP OF THIS LANDSLIDE! I have replayed this time-lapse at least ten times and I am still dumbfounded.

Geologists from the Wyoming Department of Transportation are on site assessing a landslide that closed US 26-89 in the Snake River Canyon on Saturday and continues to move downhill, dumping debris into the river.

Though WYDOT has been trying to remove debris from the road, which lies about 24 miles south of Jackson, the situation doesn't seem to be getting any better. WYDOT District Engineer John Eddins  had this to say:

The more material we moved off the road, the faster the slide came down... It’s just going to keep moving.

As of now, WYDOT officials are unsure of when US 26-89 will reopen, so be sure to check their website for updates on the landslide and road closures.

I for one wouldn't hold my breath - in 1997 the same highway was closed for six weeks due to a landslide only eight miles from this current location.