Wyoming as a state is the fourth least threatened by identity theft. Hey, we have to take good news where ever we can find it and say, "Yay." According to the Data Breach Report, 2017 has already been a killer. As our defenses get better, so do the criminals.

A new ranking from WalletHub says the #1 worst place to live for identity fraud is California. They’re #1. Rhode Island is #2 (again, that’s second worst), and District of Columbia #3.

All 50 states being affected, on the other extreme of this list is the not as bad. Only Hawaii at #49, West Virginia #50 and Iowa #51, are better than Wyoming, at #48.

Oddly, Wyoming is ranked 24th for compliance with the REAL ID Act. We’re 49th for average loss amount due to online id theft (impressively low).

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Source: WalletHub