We are not exactly celebrating this #1 rank from the Wall Street Journal, as the most expensive state to own a car.

Yes, that's us. Wyoming's average five-year cost is $31,587. The least expensive car ownership is in Hawaii, at only near half of our total, $17,289, according to the Journal.

Sure, Hawaii has a bit less land. So, which others are in the top five most expensive?  #2 is Georgia $28,698, then Oklahoma $28,655, Michigan $28,236 and Montana $27,454.

Following Hawaii as the least expensive are #2 Ohio $17,640, and New York $17,697, ... hold on ... the third cheapest is New York?  Okay.

Insurance.com points out that it doesn’t stop with how much is spent on the car payment, but that is the first criteria, among insurance, price of gas, and gas used in a big state with less people. See what else figures in right here.